Tranquility City


The concept

Tranquility City is a game developed on the Harmony blockchain where people will be able to interact with each other, have fun and obviously, trade.
There will be multiple districts in the city, each with real estate and people will be able to decorate their private quarters with furniture and vanity items that they can trade on the market. There will also be multiple districts for utility, like the Cassiopeia district for community events, the Financial district to interact with contracts from Tranquility City partners and many more to be decided on by the devs/community.
The economy will be community driven. We (the team) will not interfere with the prices of items on the in-game marketplace. Furniture and other decorations will be bought/traded with the in-game currency (the governance token of the project - LUMEN).
There are multiple items composing the Tranquility City:
  • Real estate
  • LUMEN token
  • Player NFTs
  • The Cassioepa district (community activities)

Full transparency

We think the crypto world is quite a bit cold, especially because most people are anonymous. A social component where people could interact with each other (while still under the guise of anonymity) would probably bring a dash of warmth to our beloved crypto world.
Tranquility City took inspiration from multiple projects such as Habbo, Club Penguin (a true classic), Decentraland, Aurory, DeFi Kingdoms and many more. Obviously, we will bring our own original contributions and we will make Tranquility City a unique project.

Why Harmony and not any other chain?

We have chosen Harmony because we thought it would be the best place to build such a project.
  1. 1.
    The Harmony blockchain is extremely fast (2s finality, soon to be 1s finality) and in our opinion is one of the only chains that truly has a chance to scale infinitely given its sharding technology.
  2. 2.
    The Harmony community is very welcoming, embraces diversity, and is very supportive of new projects that seek to make use of the incredible infrastructure that has been built by the Harmony team.
  3. 3.
    The ecosystem is rapidly growing, with new users coming to Harmony on a daily basis. Couple this with the fact that there is no functioning Metaverse on Harmony as yet, then this completes our rationale for choosing Harmony.
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