Tranquility City

LUMEN plant game

These are the mechanics in their current state. We are currently testing and optimizing aspects of the game so some things might change. Therefore, not everything is set in stone!
The LUMEN plant game is a main component of the P2E of Tranquility City. Every mechanic of the plant game will use LUMEN (minting, breeding, cloning etc.)

The concept

The main idea of the game is that you will be able to mint plants that you will be able to stake on your real estate. But you have to take care of them, otherwise they wither away and die! So it's actually play to earn, or at the very least, "pay attention to earn".

The plants

The plants that you will use to stake on your apartments will have randomly generated attributes on chain. This means, you can't really play the system and snipe anything. When you mint a plant it will receive random DNA values (also called genes). These DNA values will influence the LUMEN rewards you get. Some plants may be more genetically gifted than others.
Once you stake your plants on your apartments, you need to keep them happy and healthy. If you don't take care of your plants, they will die and you will no longer earn rewards. You will need to pay LUMENs to take care of your plants. You won't need substantial amounts of LUMEN to take care of your plants, just small amounts to buy the necessary tools from your friendly neighbourhood Tranquility City plant shop: vitamins, special water bottles and so on!


Every plant will have 6 genes chosen at random from a pool of 20 genes.
Each gene has 3 predefined main components: a name, a strength number (on a scale from 0 to 10) and an indicator if it's dominant or not dominant. So a gene could look like this -> Name of gene: Barren; Strength of gene: 0; Dominant: Yes.
These genes will dynamically influence how many rewards your plant will generate!


Your plants are breedable! If you minted multiple plants and you think that you could maybe squeeze more performance out of your plants because their genetical composition is not up to your standards, you will probably want to breed them. If you breed 2 plants, you will combine their genes. So your plant's genes will be modified and a dominant gene will have a chance to overtake a nondominant gene. Depending on the makeup of the bred plant, your rewards will be influenced!
Watch out! When you breed 2 plants, they will be consumed in the process. So you won't be able to get the 2 plants back. You will get a new plant which has a chance to have a better genetic makeup.


If you have a plant you are very fond of, you can clone it. This means the genetic make up of that plant will be cloned so the clone will have the same DNA. However, you can't clone a cloned plant! That means you can't create a "super plant" and just clone that one infinitely and monopolize the market with your mutant turbo plant. You are also not able to breed cloned plants. Essentially, once you clone a plant, the plant you cloned from becomes infertile, and the clone of that plant will also be infertile. This should stop omega level plant breeders and cloners from controlling the plant economy.

The real estate

Your real estate will also have an important role in the game. Depending on the size of your real estate, you will be able to stake more, or less plants. For example, this is how the amount of plants would look like per type of real estate:
  • Apartment S & Apartment M- 1 plant
  • Apartment M & Apartpment L - 2 plants
  • House - 3 plants
Naturally, the attributes and the type of your real estate will also influence the rewards. A house will earn more than a premium apartment. If the real estate is legendary, it will also earn more than the rest. The differences won't be game breaking, but it will incentivize having a bigger and more luxurious property.

Plant economy and marketplace

Initially we will allow 5000 plants into the wild so people can play around with them and test out the mechanics. After that, we will put it up for a vote to see how many plants the community wants to be added to the supply.
The plants will be traded on the Tranquility City marketplace and you will be able to see if they are clones when you buy them.

Rewards from staking plants

The rewards from staking your plants will depend on a lot of things. The most important aspects are obviously the genetic make up of your plants and the type of real estate you are staking your plants on!
The reward pool will come from the players. That means that 95% of all LUMEN spent on the game (from minting, breeding, cloning and taking are of plants) will go straight back into the reward pool. The remaining 5% will go to the Tranquility City wallet. We will use that to increase liquidity, marketing and community giveaways. Essentially, 100% of the LUMEN spent on the game will return to the community one way or another!
We will also be initially injecting a substantial amount of LUMENs into the reward pool and we will keep injecting LUMENs into the reward pool if we think it should be more. However, please keep in mind that the return on investment (ROI) won't be done in 1 day.
The game will have an "epoch" system with each epoch consisting of 24 hours. If during an epoch your plants are staked on your property and are alive and healthy, when the epoch ends you will receive rewards. These rewards will be dynamically calculated based on the attributes of your real estate plus the attributes of your plants. So the better your combo, the more rewards you will receive!
Make sure your plant is alive or otherwise you won't receive rewards. The revival costs are pretty spicy so make sure that if you start staking your plant, you actually take care of it! If at the end of the epoch your plants are not alive, you won't receive the rewards from them.
The rewards you get from plants are calculated dynamically so we unfortunately can't give you an exact indication of how much you will be earning per plant/apartment. There is a ton of math going on in the background. We fully encourage the community to calculate the rewards on their own and help out other people with things like spreadsheets and messing around with the combinations of real estate and various plants!


The pricing won't be anything extreme and we will adjust it in case the LUMEN price goes up tremednously.
As a general idea we will be starting out with this and we can modify later down the line of needed:
  • Plant minting: 300 LUMEN per plant
  • Plant breeding: 100 LUMEN
  • Cloning: 150 LUMEN
  • Reviving: 10 LUMEN
  • Various transactions to take care of your plant will be calculated dynamically but they shouldn't exceed 0.5-1 LUMEN in theory
More info will come as we get closer and closer to the launch but for now, this should give you an idea of how the mechanics will look like!