Tranquility City

Real estate

Tranquility City will have instanced private player housing. That means that every player will have his/her own piece of real estate where they can invite people over and decorate to their liking.
The initial real estate sale will have 2500 + 1 NFTs consisting of the following:
  • 1350 S appartments - at 400 ONEs each** - **sold out
  • 750 M appartments - at 900 ONEs each - sold out
  • 250 L appartments - at 1800 ONEs each** - sold out**
  • 100 Premium appartments - at 3500 ONEs each** - sold out**
  • 50 Houses - at 5000 ONEs each** - sold out**
All properties will be divided in districts:
  • Andromeda district
  • Altair district
  • Atlas disctrict
  • Circinus district
  • Milky Way district
  • Medusa district
  • Magellan district
Real estate is tradeable


All players that own an NFT of a property will be able to decorate their private housing.


TBA For now the plan is that real estate NFT owners will be able to buy plants that they will stake on their real estate to start farming LUMENs. Details will follow!