Tranquility City


The several stages of our project will take place as described in the roadmap.
We will update the dates and announce more accurate representations of releases as we get closer to them.
But for now, this is a tentative roadmap:
Q4 2021-Q2 2022:
  • Testnet phase with whitelisting to display the basic functionality of the game ✔️
  • UI/UX improvements based on feedback from community ✔️
  • Functioning text chat system with friends list ✔️
  • Improvements for the networking of the game ✔️
  • Database integration for user registration + tracking of stats in game ✔️
  • Testnet minigames to play and earn LUMEN ✔️
  • Mainnet minting of real estate ✔️
  • LUMEN token ICO on Artemis ✔️
  • Marketplace integration for real estate ✔️
  • Getting more users and stress testing our code/servers ✔️
  • LUMEN plant farming game 🚧
Q2-Q3 2022:
  • Implementation of instanced housing 🚧
  • Avatars in the game 🚧
  • Quest system to earn LUMEN 🚧
  • Map additions/improvements (new locations, partnerships, etc.) ✔️
  • Building a DAO 🚧
Q3-Q4 2022:
  • We aim to have the project fully completed by Q3-Q4 and have a fully functional ecosystem unless any unexpected delays occur